Fabio Quartaro worried about the future of his team

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Fabio Quartaro worried about the future of his team

Although Fabio Quartararo had a dream season that no one could have expected, he is already focusing on the next season and how to improve himself and his team. This is exactly what speaks to the winning mentality of the young Frenchman.

Ducati's Francesco Bagnaia although the season is over, has shown tremendous progress and achieved victory in the race. Quartaro was certainly not as motivated as he has been so far, as he has solved everything, but he is quite worried about Ducati's excellent form, which shows that they could go for the biggest goal next season.

“To be honest, Portimao wasn’t difficult." - Quartaro said, as quoted by motorsport “It was we made a bad qualifying and we couldn’t overtake. “But here was difficult and everybody says this track is not a Ducati track, but 1-2-3, on pole position and 1-2-3 in the race.

“They make a massive step, so I’m more worried about next year." Quartaro believes in his team and thinks that they are the ones who can solve problems of this nature. Yamaha will have to work extra if they want to be competitors next season “But this is something I have too much on my mind right now.

“I need to leave it to Yamaha, they know what they have to do to improve for next year. “So, of course we are not fully confident because they make that step. But we are the world champions of this year, so we need to enjoy it”.

Yamaha team

From what we have seen so far, Quartaro has confirmed: He never gives up and always gives his maximum. He is aware that if Ducati continues like this, it will certainly not be easy. Yamaha's team will try to find a solution, regain the title and show their dominance “I’m giving my maximum always and I think you can see it,” he added.

“But there is one moment when you arrive to the limit of your bike, and I think today we arrived to the limit. “To be honest, it was tough to understand how much turning, drive and power they have, because I was behind Jack and he just… I don’t know how much horsepower they have, but they have a lot.

“But in the end it’s something Yamaha needs to work on and it’s quite clear what we need to do. So, I repeat it a lot to Yamaha, but I think they know what they have to do”.