Francesco Bagnaia believes in the Moto GP title next season!

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Francesco Bagnaia believes in the Moto GP title next season!
Francesco Bagnaia believes in the Moto GP title next season! (Provided by Sport World News)

Francesco Bagnaia had the privilege to send his teacher Valentino Rossi to retire by winning the race in Valencia. In a statement for Sport Klub, he does not hide that he is very happy with the way he finished the season, and he hopes that the next one will be even more successful for him.

"It's a nice way to celebrate Valentino's farewell. I'm happy. I think he enjoyed every lap of this race. Definitely the best way possible. " Although Bagnaia is a young driver, especially talented, he obviously has a high level of self-confidence, which he constantly shows from race to race.

He seems to be not afraid of anyone on the track, and that he is just focused on himself and his success. It is his results that show all this before. What decided in today's race? "Experience has decided. Jorge was very fast, but we did a good job over the weekend.

I knew I was faster than him. When I managed to overtake him, I tried to keep up the pace, I knew I had a solid advantage. In the last lap, I didn't want to rush, I wanted to be sure that I would reach the finish line and celebrate with Vale.


Next season

Although Bagania mostly strives for big goals, this time it was not like that. Apparently, the title was not what he thought he could do, but next season he could go for the biggest recognition, and given the quality he and his team have, that goal could be achieved.

Of course, it takes a lot of luck and everything else, but if you have a strong desire, anything is possible. Everyone expects you to fight for the title next season, in the last six races in this one, have you shown what potential you have? "Next season, we will certainly start with a strong base, with great experience and a different mentality.

This season, the title was not my goal at the very beginning. He showed that he wants to learn, that he wants to get to know both himself and the car. Bagnaia looks like an obedient driver and believes they could reach the title next season.

Still, we know what Moto GP is like and what things can happen, so we will eagerly wait for next season "I did everything necessary to progress and learn, finally in the final part of the season we showed our potential. We will see how the next season will be, but I think we can be competitive "