Valentino Rossi inducted into the Hall of Fame

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Valentino Rossi inducted into the Hall of Fame
Valentino Rossi inducted into the Hall of Fame (Provided by Sport World News)

Valentino Rossi is inducted into the house of celebrities of that sport at the gala dinner organized by MotoGP after the end of the season. He was declared a MotoGP legend, although it is not customary for that to happen so quickly, more precisely immediately after the end of the last race that the driver drove.

It shouldn't be at all strange that Dorna decided to immediately include Valentino in the Hall of Fame, considering how much Rossi contributed to this sport. However, the Italian was not expected to be in the Hall of Fame on Sunday, so he was surprised that he received that recognition at the ceremony.

It is certainly not easy for Rossi to leave this sport after so many years and after so much success, but he is aware that his story had to come to an end. Obviously, he is happy and satisfied with a successful career, and should not regret anything.

"I always imagined this day as a nightmare, because it is the end of a long career and I thought it would be in Valencia, but I enjoyed it a lot." "Thank you all, everyone who worked with me, the whole paddock, the other drivers… It was an unforgettable day and I enjoyed it.

It was a long career, but it was always a pleasure to drive ", said Valentino Rossi at the gala dinner.

Dorna boss on Rossi

"The only thing I can say to Vale is to thank you very much. It has been wonderful since Malaysia in 1996.

We saw a guy who rides fantastically but also so much a special guy." "We started talking to him from then on, we did everything together. First of all, he is a great driver, even yesterday, at the age of 42, he was tenths ahead of Fabio.

But his personality, the situation in which he helped us create, the Security Commission, that is something very special." "Those are the words I can say. Thank you Valentino ", said the boss of Dorna Carmelo Espeleta. The departure of a driver like this will be a big blow for Moto GP.

Rossi has set a number of records and will be remembered as one of the greatest legends of the sport. We will see if Rossi will re-join Moto GP in another role after all, or is this the final end of everything and an indication that he wants to pay more attention to his family and enjoy his retirement.