Valentino Rossi: A legend that made many people love Moto GP

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Valentino Rossi: A legend that made many people love Moto GP

On the eve of the farewell of the greatest legend of MotoGP sports, Valentino Rossi, Sportklub journalists asked his younger colleagues how the popular Doctor influenced their careers. Many of them were not even born when he set out to conquer the world.

However, everyone was honored to ride with him in the championship and be next to him on the track Paul Espargaro says his name is synonymous with the word legend. "Valentino has influenced the careers of all drivers.

He is a great man, unique, a legend. When you say legend, you mean Valentinp the man who makes this world beautiful." "Because of him, all of us drivers became famous. We have to thank Valentino for everything he has done for this sport.

Maybe he wasn't my biggest idol when I was little, I just loved Alex Barroso the most, which is a little weird, but he was very important to all drivers." "Whether young or old, you always wanted to beat him.

It's a shame he's leaving the MotoGP world, but I'm sure we'll see him in another role. "

Other drivers

Maverick Vinales, a former teammate, learned a great life lesson from him. "I learned a lot from him.

You can learn everything you need for good work from a person with so much experience. " Fabio Quartararo, the current champion, would not have become what he is if Rossi wasn't there "He influenced what kind of driver I would become.

Because of him, I became a MotoGP rider, and eventually a MotoGP champion. Thanks to him, I am here with you today. Of all the drivers he had an impact on, I'm just one of the biggest. " Francesco Bagnaia is practically Valentino's student, some will say heir and new great trump card of Italy in this sport.

"He is first and foremost a good friend for us. For me, a mentor, a legend, is one of the most important people in the paddock, but also in life in general." "I was lucky to be with him, from 2015 until now.

I would like him to have a good race on Sunday and to ride the lap of honor with him, his last in his career. “ Joan Mir, last year's champion, says that Valentino associates him with his favorite color. "He was my inspiration when I was little.

I loved the yellow color, and Valentino just won in yellow. I will not forget the three years I spent in MotoGP with him. It's something special. I wish him good luck in the next life chapter "