Marquez showed the potential of Honda with a great race in Algarve

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Marquez showed the potential of Honda with a great race in Algarve

After a slightly weaker season, this time Alex Marquez had reason to be pleased. After the race in Algarve where he fought for third place, in the end, he finished fourth, which will be a great motivation for him to continue.

Marquez was visibly happy after this result, and obviously pleased with the bike and its speed "It's really important, not just for me, for the team." - Marquez said, as quoted by motorsport "We hit a lot of – speaking clearly – shit this year.

It's a really good thing to feel this, to feel that we can be fast, that we can fight for good results with the other manufacturers. "It's just a reset. I never stopped believing in me, I always believed this was possible and I'm in the right project.

"So, I just want to keep going like this, make a good race in Valencia, make a good test at Jerez, and prepare for 2022. This is my main objective now and I will try my best." Marquez seems to have done this race smartly, given that the move to run the hard rear tire turned out to be a good one "I was completely blind going to the race with a tyre we hadn't tried, so I was a little bit scared for the first laps," Espargaro said.

"I tried to put my rhythm and straight away I was able to do 1m39s mid-high, and I was shocked.

Espargaro on his teammate

Espargaro is happy after all, especially after his colleague's advice to try hard tire. The team decided to listen to Marquez, which ultimately paid off "It was much better than I expected.

Actually, the technician of Michelin was saying this was not the tyre for us, our analysis was saying this tyre was too hard for us and everything was saying we shouldn't try. "I don't know why Alex tried it and it worked.

So, what Alex did this weekend was great because he did a very good weekend, but also because thanks to him we all used the hard and for that reason all of us performed better. "So, really Alex deserves this position for his speed during the race but his work during the weekend."

Honda obviously have perspectives but also talent, it is only necessary that certain things match them. The team is motivated, and it can be seen that they are eager for a good result. This race has shown that they can do a lot, and that we can expect great results from them in the future