Fabio Quartaro disappointed after the race in the Algarve

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Fabio Quartaro disappointed after the race in the Algarve

Quartaro had problems this time. In Saturday’s qualifying for the Algarve GP he experienced a crash out “I remember [in April] he [Bagnaia] started P11 and to overtake was not an issue,” Quartararo said, as quoted by motorsport “But today I stayed 15 laps behind Martin, even if he was riding one second slower, I couldn’t overtake.

“For me, the grip was much better. When we are before Moto2 it’s better, but to be honest we know that we are too far behind with the speed that we have when we miss the qualifying. He is aware of everything that has happened but is visibly disappointed “I was just pushing on the limit, I was making a lot of mistakes, the one of the crash I was braking way too late and I tried to turn.

“So, I know why I crashed, but it’s really a shame we have this kind of difficulty because the bike is so good to ride. But with this speed you can’t make any mistakes. “If I make a great qualifying I was able to fight for the victory for sure.

But if you miss the qualifying you can say ‘bye bye’ to the win and the podium”.


Motorsport reporters wondered if he felt pressure after winning the title and if that was the reason for his poor performance "To be honest, no, because this morning my pace was good, all the weekend it was really good apart from Saturday afternoon,” he added.

“Then it’s just a shame to feel that difference, and to be honest when I crashed, I was just like ‘let’s see what happens. Still, he praised the bike, which obviously has many advantages, but as he says, there are also disadvantages that must be resolved.

Given how good a driver they have, Yamaha will have to take certain steps to achieve the same result “I was on the limit, and I couldn’t make the corner but I know if I waited I would have been overtaken by the others and I just gave it a try.

“And the try didn’t work. I see clearly weak points on our bike that the others don’t have, but also I see clear positive points that some others don’t have. “But we really need to, even if we lose in one way, we really need to gain in top speed because to overtake it’s just a nightmare – we just can’t overtake”.