Francesco Bagnaia quite motivated before the last two races

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Francesco Bagnaia quite motivated before the last two races

Ducati driver Bagnaia is quite motivated before the two final races, although Quartaro has already won the title, teams ‘and constructors’ championships are in-game. “For sure, these two races will be nice to do because now Fabio doesn’t have any pressure because he already won the championship,” Bagnaia said on Thursday in Portugal."

Bagnaia is aware that will not be easy at all, especially since Quartaro is no longer under pressure, he will fight much more relaxedly, and it will certainly be his great advantage. On the other hand, he is very motivated and wants to try to achieve the best possible result, and is currently working out a plan that would help him in that.

“So, I would really like to have a fight with him, but not like in Misano [Quartararo chased down Bagnaia in the San Marino GP in September but couldn’t overtake] starting together and fighting together would be nice “These are two tracks that are different, because in this track I was fast in April, and in Valencia I’ve never been fast in my life.

I would like to be fast there and I’m still to understand how to do it”.

Emilia Romagna GP

Bagnaia is frustrated with his crashing out of the Emilia Romagna GP. He is aware that Quartaro would still deserve the title, but that defeat has fallen quite hard, and obviously, he still can't forget about it.

But in the coming years, his team will have greater ambitions and will strive for greater goals. This season, the title was not the goal, and whether it will be next, we still do not know “Yes, it’s more because I lost a race than the championship, because I’m sure Fabio was deserving this championship more,” he added.

“I was a lot of points behind and also if I was winning the race at Misano, now I’d be with like 36 points [disadvantage]. “With 36 points, he have a lot of possibilities to win a title still. But in any case, I tried [my] all.

It was not our objective to win the championship this year because I was arriving from two very difficult seasons, my first two years in MotoGP I struggled a lot. “This year I learned a lot, I grew with the team and this last part of the season I was fighting for the championship, but I was too far behind”. This season is a huge experience for him, and will help him in the years to come