Quartararo is still in shock after winning the Moto GP title!

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Quartararo is still in shock after winning the Moto GP title!

Fabio Quartaro is still shocked after everything that happened. The Frenchman became Moto GP champion at just 22, and he doesn’t seem to have expected to be able to win the title so early. After winning the title, he also received congratulations from French President Emmanuel Macron "It's absolutely crazy," Quartararo said, referring to the message of congratulations he received from French President Emmanuel Macron on Twitter on Sunday evening, as quoted by motorsport "Especially if we take into account that in 2018 we were very low.

The progression has been brutal. All this is going to give me a big boost for the future. "Right now, I still can't believe what has happened, I could never have imagined that so quickly, at just 22 years old, I could achieve this.

"And the good thing is that I have many years ahead of me to keep fighting to make more dreams come true."


Apparently, Quartaro is a guy with a great character, who is down-to-earth and who has remained positive even in the most difficult moments in his career.

"Even in the most difficult times I've been happy," he added. "That is the most important thing in life. In those moments, despite not getting the results I wanted, I was doing the job I always dreamed of."

"I often think about people who have a really hard job, or those who every day have to do something they don't like. That is incomparable to us. Even when the results were not good, I was happy in life. "This year's Yamaha is not much better than last year's, but we have found a feeling on it that allows me to go much faster," he continued.

And the Yamaha team worked hard to help their driver achieve the desired goal. Quartaro is happy to work together with such a team "What we improved the most is the front-end, but in the end Yamaha always had the most balanced chassis.

I would say that more than improving the bike for 2020, what we have done is to recover something that we lost along the way." "Personally, every time I go out on track I improve, and the feeling I've found thanks to the front end has allowed me to make a big step forward."

"I wouldn't have been able to win the title, but I'm sure we wouldn't have finished eighth overall," Quartararo reasoned. "I think that in 2020 my logical position would have been to finish third, but I managed it quite badly. That allowed me to learn a lot to be able to win this year."