Mir’s Misano explained the reasons for his poor performance

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Mir’s Misano explained the reasons for his poor performance

Joan Mir had no luck at Sunday’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. He started from the 18th position and received a double penalty for jumping the start. It is obvious that Mir has a lot of ambiguities regarding his bike and that his team will have to work on these things.

As expected, he was furious after all “Well, honestly it was a difficult weekend and when it starts like this it’s difficult to make something,” Mir said, as quoted by motorsport “But the start, I made a jump start.

I was looking at the… I had doubts that I’d put the launch control [on], and in the end there’s a lot of things to do in this case with the front, rear [ride height device], the launch control. “It’s a little bit difficult to manage the situation, and also to start in 18th position.

However, Mir decided to apologize to his team and believes that it was not enough and that his performance could have been much better. He thinks that they will have to think carefully about the problems they have and try to correct all this, although the task will not be easy for them.

“But anyway, I want to just to apologise to the team because on the race it was completely my mistakes. “I didn’t know how to manage the situation, so I’m not happy. “But we have to look a bit back on the weekend and to understand why we were on 18th position in the start.

“This is the first thing, and also when we showed great potential in wet, so quite frustrating”.

Petrucci collision

However, that is not all. Peace also had a collision with Danilo Petrucci. As he explained, the problem was left hander and temperature, and it is clear that his goal was not to cause such an accident.

Danilo was also not angry with his opponent, and he is probably aware of the reason for the accident. “When I was overtaking Danilo, it was not a crazy manoeuvre at all,” Mir explained. “It was just a left-hander and with this temperature, in the first laps you have to be a bit careful on the left side.

“And when I changed the direction, I just lost the front. “But it’s a type of manoeuvre that I was not going to hit him or make a crazy manoeuvre. “So, that’s why I think Danilo was not angry.