Rinaldi disappointed with the bike problem

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Rinaldi disappointed with the bike problem

Rinaldi had problems on the El Villicum circuit. He was quite frustrated by this, but also by the fact that such problems do not stop, and are constant “My race actually was good, I lost a lot of time overtaking [Leon] Haslam and [Michael] van der Mark and that took me out of the fight for the podium,” he said, as quoted by motorsport “So if I look at that I was quite happy." "I knew that our potential was of a Ducati 1-2 but we know our race was compromised because of qualifying and the Superpole.

“The problem is that when the track allows you to have more grip, every rider will be able to use it to go faster, [but] I'm not able to go faster. There's this same problem that I have had all year and it's so frustrating mentally.

Working on problem

It is obvious that they are trying to work on correcting the problem, but for now, they are not succeeding “It's been the same since Aragon and we are working a lot to understand why, but we are not able to say, 'it's this or it's this'

Also, if they told me [it is because of my] riding style or how I use the throttle, I will work on that. “But we have no reason to explain this and my riding is good to win one race and the next race it’s not good [enough].

“My riding is good to make the 18th lap of the race [at] 1m37.9s. But in qualifying, I did 1m38.3s with qualifying tyres, so it's so strange. “With more grip I have more problems and everybody is going faster by at least half of a second.

This is why I'm really, really frustrated because I put my 120 percent and also the team is doing 120 percent but we don't have an answer”. There was also a comparison of him and Redding, who is much, much better for now, many are wondering if the weigh is a problem.

“I don't know if it's weight or something else that allows him to turn [and not] have the same problem as me,” he said. “But he'll have another problem. “So my weight has some advantages but some bad things and it’s the same for him, so I'm not complaining about my weight and not saying he can put more weight on the rear tyre because it's bullshit.

“But for sure I have a problem that he doesn't have and that is something you have to fix. This year he was better than solving his problems than me”.