Scott Redding achieved victory after frustration over second place

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Scott Redding achieved victory after frustration over second place

Scott Redding won the Argentina World Superbike round. After a disappointing Saturday, Redding was quite frustrated and wanted to do his best this time to get to first place. "That was what was needed," Redding said of his seventh win of the season, as quoted by motorsport "I was ready for it on Sunday.

I was hungry. I was not so much visualising, it was just getting pumped, getting ready for war and take it to them. "That's where it started in the morning warm-up. I went out and I just wanted it bad today. I was a bit upset after what happened on Saturday because I believed I could finish on the podium.

Redding was quite motivated and wanted nothing more than to win. He also had the necessary pace for that "So from the first lap of the warm-up it was hammer down. I knew I had the pace and I went to superpole race and I was like, 'everything you have for 10 laps, just go, just go, just go'

"I had the pace and the longer race I know I'm stronger. I just knew I was stronger for the whole 20 laps." "I was on the edge all weekend. I was like second, second, second. I said to [my girlfriend] Jacey [Hayden] that I need to f**ing win this race, I don't want to be second.

so I just had that mentality for the last race and all heart to the end."

Aggressive side

The aggressive side of Redding came to light for the first time "I just showed that aggressive side that I try not to show because I don't want to have too much contact because I respect but we try to race in a respectable way," he said.

"I was hard, if there is a gap I'm coming for it and I do have that side to me, and if that's what it is going to take, that's what it is going to take. He caught the necessary rhythm and achieved a victory he had been waiting for a long time "I got my rhythm and I was just like, 'hammer down, just go, go, go'

And I knew once I had two laps under my belt, it was done, it was a done deal. "I wasn't overpushing, little mistake but riding conservative, but the laptime was there and that's when I felt dangerous with the bike because I'm reserved but I'm fast.

"So when I saw the gap go down with a mistake I retaliated with a faster lap so I knew where I was, and it was unbelievable to win here."