Razgatlioglu had problems with the bike during the race

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Razgatlioglu had problems with the bike during the race

This time Razgatlioglu was unlucky. The Turk was in great shape and most expected him to continue a good run, but he finished the race in Arentina in third place, behind Redding and Rea. Throughout the race, Razgatlioglu tried to match the duo in front of him, but failed.

Razgatlioglu believes the main culprit is his bike which was not at a satisfactory level. Chattering seemed to be the biggest problem "I tried my best again because there was a big drop on my front tyre early on in the race," he said, as quoted by motorsport "In the last three laps I tried [to fight] again for P2, but Johnny was stronger in this race.

“After that the front was sliding too much in the corner and I said, ‘okay, third position is enough for this race’. “Also I heard some chattering on my bike in the race, but I'm happy that I did not crash.

“Chattering was a big problem. I tried to enter [the corner] with a little bit of sliding, but there was big chattering. So it was better to release the brake [and run wide] because this is very dangerous because you are trying to brake with the front sliding.

Indonesia race

Apparently he hopes for a better race in Indonesia in which he could fix things. We will see if the bike will be good then and if he will have the problems he had now “I was fighting with the bike, not just with Scott and Johnny.

Also the braking of the bike, it was not easy to stop. Maybe the bike changed because of the wind or the hot conditions. “I came very close to scoring three wins but not enough in the race. I will try again in Indonesia”.

In the next race as before, he will have only one goal and that is to win. The approach he had will remain the same, and it is obvious that Razgatlioglu is maximally motivated and does not want things like this to happen to him again next time.

“I'm now excited because it's a new track for everybody and also I will try again to win, I'm fighting for the win,” the 25-year-old said. “This is my style. “I'm not changing [my approach].

I'm just looking for the win because this year I’m trying to score more wins. 13 [wins], maybe 14, why not”. Of course, we can't wait for the next race, which will be really something special