Rea: "I know this feeling of winning a championship and want it again"

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Rea: "I know this feeling of winning a championship and want it again"

Rea has the toughest title fight this year, as Razgatlioglu is currently leading. The next race could decide everything, and when asked by a motorsport journalist whether if he wins the title it will be his sweetest victory, he answered: “No, I think the sweetest one is always the first one because it is incredible."- Rea said, as quoted by motorsport “It's like it gives you validation that you are a good rider and you can do it.

So, after that it's all been a bonus and it's always been nice. “Of course, we had some difficult years but some incredible years. This is another one. I don't know if it will be more important, but certainly it will be the closest one”.

This year Real had a problem with the bike, which was not the best, and a lot of mistakes appeared on the bike. He believes that the competition is especially strong this season, and that every mistake can have an impact.

“We have some difficulties with our machine, especially in certain areas,” he added. “We have some really strong points as well but the competition now is really tough, so I've been making some mistakes this year because I've been riding on the limit every single lap and of course sometimes you cross that, that's what's happening but is normal.

“In the past I could always have some margins because my rivals would make more mistakes than me. “Now there's no margin, everybody is fast. Ducati with Scott [Redding], Yamaha with Toprak. So, yes, I'm 100 percent every single lap”.

Next race

Obviously, the next race will be especially exciting given the big stakes. In such races, accidents can often occur due to the competitive spirit and desire that drivers have “I mean, not that much,” Rea said when asked if there was greater risk of contact with Razgatlioglu in the final rounds.

“I mean, he has already hit me once in Jerez, and twice in Portugal. “But that's racing, there's a lot at stake. We are trying to race for a world championship, so you are going to push over the limit sometimes and try to be respectful, that's the main thing.

“But for me you have to race hard because it means a lot. I know this feeling of winning a championship and want it again. Let's see what happens”. Both drivers are great, and we will soon find out who will dominate this time and take the victory