Valentino Rossi physically exhausted after the COTA race

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Valentino Rossi physically exhausted after the COTA race

After a hard race at COTA, Valentino Rossi thinks he will need a break due to the difficult conditions. An even bigger problem is his age "Now, we rest for two or three days and after we have to train hard for the next three races because today about physical [condition] is a disaster, it's very, very difficult, very tough," Rossi said, as quoted by motorsport "With a modern MotoGP [bike] it's very demanding physically and you arrive on Sunday that you are already tired from the Friday and Saturday practice, so you have to be 100% fit and also you have to be very young.

"I can try to be 100% fit but to be young unfortunately for me it's very difficult!" Rosi is aware of the mistake he made when he decided to replace the tires, but still, the situation, as he says, was not so bad "I used the medium because during the practice I felt better with the medium, and I don't like a lot the soft," he added.

"This morning [in warm-up] I tried the soft, but I was slow. "So, we decided to follow our way, also if I'm just the only one along with [Brad] Binder to use the medium. "But it was the right choice because was constant to the end and I was able to do some overtakes and take one point.

"It's not fantastic, but considering my speed, it was not too bad."

Morbidelli on the track

Franco Morbidelli also did not feel well on a track like this. He thinks this is the toughest race this year and it is obvious that he has run out of strength Obviously, most drivers don't have very good memories of this track "Unfortunately I could just make more or less just seven, eight laps on this track and then I had to slow down a lot my pace because it wouldn't have been possible to finish the race at that pace," Morbidelli, who struggled to 19th and last of the classified runners, said.

"I just had no more strength in the leg, I just couldn't pull it up properly in the left corners, in the left brakings, and then changing direction just with the arms and not using the legs was really difficult on the bumps.

"So, was really tough. It was the toughest race of the year for everybody for sure, but for me toughest race ever because in the physical condition I'm in now it really was a challenge."