Marc Marquez: “It was a perfect race"

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Marc Marquez: “It was a perfect race"
Marc Marquez: “It was a perfect race" (Provided by Sport World News)

Although many drivers were not optimistic before the COTA race, Marquez was the one who dreamed of winning, which he eventually succeeded in doing. The Honda driver says that everything looked strange throughout the season, he was confused many times but this time he did the job perfectly “It was a perfect race, the one that I dreamed of last night,” he said, as quoted by motorsport “It is true that my plan was to try to lead the race from the beginning because the first laps were my weak points and then I tried to slow the race from the first four or five laps, and then when I felt OK, I just pushed.

“It was one shot, strong, from one lap to another one, half a second faster, and this was one of the main reasons to be able to open a gap." "I am happy, really happy, because it has been a very hard season and sometimes I crash and I don’t understand, and sometimes I am fast and I don’t understand, and sometimes I am slow and I don’t understand.

“But this victory I was looking for because I know that maybe it is the last circuit with good conditions to win at, but my intention was to be strong, not like here, but strong in the last three races and try to be consistent and then let’s see”.


In the last moments of the race, he was in panic he expected a crash. Still, he managed to cope in such a situation “It was so difficult, especially for the bumps,” “The problem is that when you slow down a bit then the bike is shaking even more and on the last lap, I was looking stupid because I was riding slow, but the bike was shaking a lot, so I said, ‘what is going on here?’ “It is especially difficult to keep focused, with three laps to go I nearly crashed at Turn 6, I touched the inside curb and I nearly lost the front”.

Obviously, he did not expect such a result before the race, but he still gathered strength and showed that he can do much more. “The key point of this weekend was [Saturday], I felt also not so good,” he explained.

“I mean, the speed was there but the feeling was not there with the track, with the bumps, and I didn’t push. “Because if you don’t feel well and you push, then you are using a lot of the muscles and the physical condition.

Yesterday, I pushed only for a single lap and today in the warm-up is where I felt better and I was pushing more. “So, the key point was yesterday, keeping calm and saving energy, and today showing and giving everything”.

Marc Marquez