Quartararo furious over COTA track

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Quartararo furious over COTA track

Since 2019, MotoGP have not held a race at COTA. Last year the race was canceled due to a pandemic, but this year there were no disruptive factors due to which the race would have to be canceled. Quartararo was quite dissatisfied with the track and believes that the situation with the track is even worse than it was in 2019.

“It’s more or less a track I use to train with a motocross bike, but much faster and with a MotoGP bike,” he said, as quoted by motorsport “So, it’s really bad. I can’t imagine it, we said three years ago they need to resurface and it’s even worse.

“It’s just acceptable to race, I don’t know what to say. But it’s a joke. “It’s not a MotoGP track for me. To make a race here – for one lap it’s OK – but for 20 laps, we will see that there will be some bad moments.

Unsafe track

Quartaro believes that this track is unsafe given that bumps appear in places where they should not be, which certainly further endangers drivers, and which can lead to accidents on the track “You see a lot of bikes shaking in Turn 10.

The thing is the bumps are in the worst places possible because if you have bumps in Turns 1, 11, 12, it’s OK because it’s slow corners. “But Turn 1, Turn 2, 3, 10 are the worst corners you can have bumps, and there are bumps there.

So, let’s see. “I usually don’t go to the safety commission, but when there is something serious, I will go and today something serious that for the safety is… the track is unsafe. It’s clear to say that it’s not great and we need to resurface everything”.

He finds that even without bumps the track looks dangerous “For me, it’s dangerous, it’s really dangerous,” he added. “On the race, the first two laps will be a mess, I think. So, let’s see.

“Turns 2, 3 and 10 are really dangerous parts of the track already without bumps. But with bumps, it’s one level more”. Marc Marquez agreed with his colleague and thinks that the track is critical, but it is obvious that both drivers will have to get used to this track, which is certainly a big problem.

“The bumps are on the limit. The condition of the track surface is in the limit. “The problem is it’s not like real bumps. The surface is moving, and then it’s so difficult”.