Marc Marquez pleased with Honda's new bike

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Marc Marquez pleased with Honda's new bike

Although Honda is known as a top team, this season they had a lot of problems that influenced them to make certain changes to the new bike they will use in the 2022 season. Marquez and Paul tested the new Honda for 2021, which seems to be much better, and which should affect the team's better results.

Marquez is satisfied with the new bike with which he believes that they have solved certain critical points, but that there are still some new problems that will have to be solved. “Yeah, as you see in Misano we try the proto-2022 [bike] and it was a big difference, one of the biggest differences since I’ve been in Honda,” he said, as quoted by motorsport “And they are working very, very hard and I think it was very interesting.

“We improved our weak points. Of course, when we improve the weak points, other problems then arrived.


Marquez believes that despite the new car, they must continue to progress, look to the future and try to improve the team to the maximum “But we already understand a bit, [from] me and Pol the comment was very similar.

Both of us with the new bike were fast. “So, the first contact was good, was nice, but anyway we need to keep working, to understand in different race tracks, different grip because in Misano test the grip was unbelievable and it was so easy to be fast”.

A lot of things have been missing from the bike so far but Marquez believes the biggest problem is the rear grip which is now much improved. Also the new bike is much faster and the changes are obvious “Of course we are looking for a faster bike, smoother, more turning, more grip.

“But it’s true that our problem this year is the rear grip, it’s where we focus more, and definitely we improved. However, turning is now a problem, but he is aware that there must have been compensatory problems “But then we lost a bit of turning, but we understand that with a different concept bike we can gain in many areas, but we can lose in one of our strongest points now, which is the entry to the corner.

“In the end, the lap time was very similar [to the current bike], but it’s important when you receive new parts that from the start you are already on the same pace as the old one without touching anything”.