Bautista: "I think that we increased the performance a little bit"

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Bautista: "I think that we increased the performance a little bit"

Honda has made huge strides thanks to Alvaro Bautista. Bautista achieved a great result after finishing third in Barcelona and believes that small advances are just the best tactic to improve the bike. He is aware of the competition and the importance of each race “I think now we are at the top of our performance with the bike, [extracting] more than this is difficult,” said the 36-year-old, as quoted by motorsport “The good thing is, I said in Barcelona we just work on the small details, we don't make a big change on the bike, and at least track by track [we stay] with the same base bike, so it's easier to get a reference and easier to work.

“So I think that we increased the performance a little bit. But because there are a lot of riders fighting for podiums and victory, you see the result from seventh to third, it's one or two tenths per lap, it's not more."

"So at the end everything you can gain, you see it more clearly in the positions.“

First lap

He believes that the first lap was crucial, and that in the beginning he had problems that he managed to make up for.

He seemed to feel confident and believed he could outperform his competitors "First lap was crucial for us, I lost some time [to the frontrunners] but then I was riding at a good pace,” he said. “I saw the front riders, I didn't lose some distance, and even some laps I caught them.

“So I felt like I have one or two tenths more than the others and tried to pass them and just keep my rhythm. At the end, I fought with some riders. At some point he felt that there could be a crash due to braking but in the end everything turned out the way he wanted and it is obvious that he was overjoyed after a successful race “I was very close to crashing in a couple of corners because with this bike a strong point is braking, where I can catch them.

So I just braked harder and harder and harder to chase them and I was near to crashing a couple of times but I was lucky I didn't crash. “In the end, another podium. I'm happy because I felt much much better than the morning's race, even if the track was worse and the times were slower but compared to the others I felt quite good”.