Joan Mir disappointed by the loss of the title

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Joan Mir disappointed by the loss of the title

Joan Mir did not achieve such a good result at the San Marino GP. He finished in 6th place after being demoted a place for exceeding track limits on the final lap. Mir has been pretty disappointed, especially since he thinks he drives much better than last season "I’m a bit angry because I know my potential of this year and I’m angry because I’m riding better, I’m making less mistakes, I’m a better rider and I will not get the championship,” Mir said, as quoted by motorsport “It’s difficult to understand.

But, what also I have to say is making me happy is Suzuki is going in the same direction. “We all see what is happening and I believe that they are pushing as hard as they can. Mir wants to look at every race as important and in which he can learn something “We can think that the next races are like a pre-season, like every race is an opportunity to give some information and make some improvements on the bike that for sure we need.

“And I think it’s the most clever way. Of course, if now I have the opportunity to win some races and make some manoeuvres at the end of a race and all this stuff, I don’t care if I make a zero." “So, it changes everything a little bit.

But I have to have the opportunity to win that race. “Today, honestly, I had fun. In the last lap it was like we were competing for more than fourth place. So, I had fun with Marc [Marquez] and with Jack [Miller]”.

Season 2022

Mir wants a furious start to the 2022 season and wanted to know if his team could give him what he wants. It is obvious that Mir always has the greatest ambitions “It was a point of the season that we spoke about this and straight away they realised, straight away I felt a reaction,” he added.

"Of course you always as a rider try to push to get more and more, but now I can’t complain about the work that they are doing, because I think they are doing everything they can to bring good stuff. “Okay, I’m disappointed because if we started in a different way in the first race with another situation, now I’m sure that we would be in a different situation.

“But, this is a team, we learn from our mistakes and now I’m sure that we are going in the same direction. “This is what I made sure a couple of months ago and now I know that they are working hard”.