Franco Morbidelli pleased with his debut for Yamaha

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Franco Morbidelli pleased with his debut for Yamaha

We waited to see Morbidelli on the tracks again after the injury he had. Morbidelli is currently competing for Yamaha, and in his debut he achieved 16th place in qualifying and 18th place in the race "It was a good weekend for me, it was great to come back on the bike, to come back racing after so much time, to jump on a new bike, with a new team, with an injury that has not recovered," he began, as quoted by motorsport "And then the race, I'm already happy with that and actually this morning it has been really tough warm-up for me, and I didn't think it was possible to make the race.

"But with the adrenaline and some painkillers we managed to do it, and we managed to do it with a consistent pace. "Yes, we were with Valentino [Rossi], but I would say it was great for me because I just jumped on this bike and I'm still recovering from an injury and I stayed on the couch for three months.


Morbidelli got to know the bike even better, and he seems to be very pleased with his debut "And actually, the race gave me a lot of information about the bike, I was able to appreciate the bike better, and in fact I like it.

"It's a more of a fighter bike, and I like that, and it gave me the chance to understand a little bit more what I need from it. "It was a great weekend, great to be back. And now we will try to up our game step-by-step."

It is obvious that Morbidelli did not have any expectations, and he thinks that this weekend was very helpful for him. "I'm a guy that struggles with expectations, I just do things and see how it comes out, and if the result is not good I try to make it better," he added."

And if the result is good, I try to enjoy it. "This weekend was really important to jump back on a MotoGP [bike], because this category is tough and if you miss half a year I was supposed to miss, you will miss also many, many things under the point of view of the riding that I don't want to miss, and you will miss some skills; the eye on the battle, just the speed, some things I didn't want to miss."

He is aware that the result is not the best, but he is also aware that good results cannot start immediately "So, I've definitely forced the [recovery] times, but I think we did the right choice because I was able to make a quite linear weekend.

"I was able to stay on the bike, I was able to understand, make a whole race. "I know the position is not excellent, it's not good, but these guys are 24 animals, and you cannot expect to stay on the couch for three months and jump on a new bike with a new crew and be in the game."