Quartaro: "I expected myself to fight for the podium"

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Quartaro: "I expected myself to fight for the podium"

Although he was not optimistic at first, Fabio Quartaro expected to be in the fight for the podium after Sunday's warm-up. However, there were some problems during the race, but still Quartaro did not give up and wanted to have the best possible result.

"After the warm-up I expected myself to fight for the podium because I felt I had something really good, with old tyres I was feeling great and with 26 laps on the tyre I could manage great,” Quartararo said, as quoted by motorsport “So, from the beginning of the race my rear was not working as normal.

“So, I went down, down, down [the order]. The only positive thing of the day is that I fight for my position, I was fighting, I didn’t give up, even if it was for seventh, eighth, ninth position. I fought until the end, so that’s something positive”.

Quartaro was wonder stuck and did not expect a rear tire failure. He had a strange feeling during the race and certainly the tire creates a huge problem for him, and his result said everything “Last year, 2019, everything was normal apart from mistakes on the front tyre.

“But I don’t know what happened today that from the first lap it looked like my rear tyre was [not working properly]. “So, we need to check deeply, I don’t want to blame nothing, but honestly it was a weird feeling on the first laps to the end of the race”.

Weird feeling

He had a weird feeling and it was as if he felt something was wrong. There were also problems with overtaking, as he failed to accomplish what he wanted. Still, Quartaro is in the game and given his talent and mentality it is certain that he will be competitive by the very end of the season “I don’t want to say it’s the tyre, but the feeling I had today I never had all weekend, and straight away from the first lap I didn’t have the stopping performance I had, not the grip, not the traction.

“So, something went wrong. And then in that track to overtake for us is quite a mess, because from Turn 15 to Turn 1, we lose three or four tenths, then I need to recover on the corners and I can’t overtake. “So, it’s something a little bit difficult”.

Quartaro must first forget about this race and focus on the next races that await him and where he will have to do his best