Alex Marquez thinks his brother will win the Aragon GP

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Alex Marquez thinks his brother will win the Aragon GP

The Aragon circuit awaits us soon, with Marc Marquez as the main favorite to win. Given that he has already won on the anticlockwise track in June, and is known for winning on such a track, most expect an identical outcome to happen again.

One of those who have such an opinion is his brother, Alex Marquez “If I need to put money [down] I’d put [it] on Marc,” Alex said of his brother’s chances of victory in Aragon this weekend, as quoted by motorsport “So, I think it’s the correct one before coming here to put him [as the favourite].

“He’s really close, ok he did some mistakes in the last races. But I think he’s closer than ever to that level he was. “Just some things need to [come together], but he knows what and I saw in the data from Portimao to here.

So, he’s again making those magic things”.


Marquez also had problems with the injury, which continues to heal “I mean, I know that in FP1 I will feel very good, but it’s something that during the weekend I will need to understand,” he replied when asked by if he felt he could replicate his Germany success this weekend.

“It’s true that it’s a circuit that I like, layout that I like, left corners. “We will stress less the right arm, but we will see because also sometimes the position on the left corners is not completely natural.

“But anyway, I want to ride the bike and don’t think a lot about the arm”. Marquez plans to change certain things on the bike, because he believes that sometimes it is necessary to adjust in order to achieve a good result “Of course, it depends on the changes of the bike,” he said when asked if his riding style changes would be permanent.

“For example, the scooter brake is something that I already tried in the past, but I felt like it was not a big improvement, and now I retry with some modifications. “Of course, if you have some changes because you are struggling in some areas and you want to find something extra, sometimes it works better, sometimes it works worse.

“It’s true that this year I’m struggling in many areas. “Some of these areas are the same areas we struggled with in the past, but it’s true that some areas are new, some areas that before I was able to manage or adapt to by riding style and now I can’t.

“I try, in my mind it’s something I want to do, but I can’t in the moment, so I try to adapt the bike in different ways to lose less time in those specific points”.