Yamaha boss spoke out after a penalty for Razgatlioglu

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Yamaha boss spoke out after a penalty for Razgatlioglu

The Magny-Cours race will not be remembered for good for Razgatlioglu. After the race, it was decided that Razgatliouglu will be penalized as the track limits were exceeded Denning was frustrated after Yamaha decided to complain because he thought there was no reason for such a thing “It’s disappointing of course," Denning told the official WSBK website, as quoted by motorsport "This weekend we saw incredible fighting between the two championship protagonists.

For our team, the first time we’ve won all three races. For Toprak, the first time he’s won all three races. An amazing sporting spectacle and amazing respect between these two fantastic riders. "And then, after the end of Race 2 where we had been on pole position because of the result of the Superpole Race, the stewards made a decision after a protest that there was a tiny infringement on the last lap from Toprak touching the green on the exit of 9 and 10.

“This was caused by a protest from Kawasaki. It’s disappointing because honestly, genuinely, it’s not something we would’ve done when a rider has gained zero advantage. "You’re talking about 5mm of the rear tyre just touching the green, something that race direction had seen themselves, checked from the live footage, decided there absolutely was not a problem because there was not any advantage and it wasn’t clear he was on the green.

"But after they received the protest, they had to use all the tools they have, and this includes the onboard footage from Jonathan’s bike. They were able to see that there was a small amount [of tyre] on the green. "If this is the way Kawasaki want to play, then maybe the sporting atmosphere will change a little bit”.

Roda on the situation

Guim Roda, a member of Kawasaki, explained his decision on the example of Ana Carrasco As an example, in Assen, Race Direction penalised Ana Carrasco on the last lap because somebody push her out of the track limits," said Roda.

"This was unfortunate and also unlucky. Ana complained about this, but I said to her, ‘a rule is rule and we must accept and be more clever next time’. "On the last lap of any race run under these rules it is very important to ride the limits but not to cross them… and one of the most important things to consider is not to go off the track.

"This part of the track at Magny-Cours, at the level Rea and Toprak are fighting, would give an advantage; small but still an advantage. "For me, it was enough to refer to the rules and make a comment to race direction. Ultimately the decision is not mine, It is FIM who consider independently, this is the same for everyone”.