Vinales: "I've never been happier than I am now at Aprilia"

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Vinales: "I've never been happier than I am now at Aprilia"

Maverick Vinales wants to revive his career. After having many conflicts with Yamaha and terminating contracts with them, Aprilia became his new home. Vinales looks happier than ever, and motorsport reporters wondered if this was the most beautiful moment for him this year, Vinales replied “Probably my life, [I’ve never had] a time when I am happier because after five years [at Yamaha] there have been ups and downs and I didn’t understand many things."

- Vinales said, as quoted by motorsport “At the end I said, ‘what is going on’, but as soon as I jumped to Aprilia I know my potential, I know what I’m able to do even more and it was nice to jump quick because I have the opportunity to do six races.

“This is much better than to do just five days of test, and I will try to prepare well with Aleix [Espargaro] the 2022 [bike], which is very important for me”. Vinales did not expect such an outcome, but Aprilia saw a chance to bring the young biker under its wing.


As he says, he is satisfied with the atmosphere in the team and it is obvious that everyone is working hard, which will certainly bring results in the future. “Honestly, I expected to be at home until November waiting to ride the bike at the test,” he said.

“But this opportunity is made first of all because I leave [Yamaha], and because Aprilia gave me the opportunity. “Basically, what makes me happy is all the guys are working really hard, their enthusiasm is really strong.

“And also coming from a podium [at Silverstone with Espargaro], it’s the best time to join the team, to try to give them the feedback. Vinales is happy with the bike but is also aware that it will take time to adjust “For sure Aleix and [Lorenzo] Savadori did an amazing job because they were very fast and the bike is working well.

“So, I was quite surprised because the adaptation to the bike has been quite fast”. He added: “Basically what I need to change is the way of braking, it’s a bit different. “This is a big learning process because the way you can brake with the Aprilia is totally different [to the Yamaha].

“So, I will need laps and also Aleix is a very hard braker, so I will need to learn a little bit from him how he does this strong braking, but I think this will come with confidence”.