Vinales: "When I arrived, I felt a giant pressure"

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Vinales: "When I arrived, I felt a giant pressure"
Vinales: "When I arrived, I felt a giant pressure" (Provided by Sport World News)

The Aragon Grand Prix will be the debut race for Vinales under the banner of the new team. After leaving Yamaha, Aprilia became his new destination. Vinales also revealed how he felt after coming to the new environment and how the preparations in the new team went.

"When I arrived, I felt a giant pressure, I was nervous,” Vinales told Sky Sports Italy, as quoted by motorsport “I spent so much time on a different type of bike, but after the first run I was calm, because I found a positive feeling with the bike.

“I like the atmosphere in the garage, and I think these tests will help us to be more relaxed for the race weekend. “Everything has been very positive and I am ready for Aragon”.

Vinales feels happy

Vinales seems to be extremely happy, and it looks like this will be a good move by the Spaniard.

As he says, the preparations did not take long enough, but Vinales will still have time to get to know the new bike and to adapt and finally start achieving the results we are used to from him. "I feel a normal feeling, because for me it wasn't normal to be at home,” Vinales added.

“I was able to stay calm and practice, but I'm very happy with this opportunity because it was very important to go to the race right away, because [I need] to understand how the bike behaves in those conditions. “It's true that we tested it for two days here and I'm happy, but you need a race weekend to see where you are." He thinks it is necessary to improve his performance, and for now he is satisfied with his bike But given his quality, no one doubts that Vinales will start with his good races "I still have to improve a lot, for sure I'm far from being able to give my best, because the bike is very different, also the engine, so I still have to understand it a little bit,” Vinales explained.

“But I think both Aleix and Lorenzo have done a good job and the bike is at a very high level. “There is a difference, but it's not a big one, so I think I can improve a lot in a short time. “I'm still a long way from being able to push to the maximum, but the time comes pretty easy to me and that's important”.