Jake Dixon will debut in MotoGP

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Jake Dixon will debut in MotoGP

Jake Dixon will soon debut in MotoGP. After Maverick Vinales decided to leave Yamaha, they decided to invite Dixon, and thus fulfill his wish: to make his debut in MotoGP Dixon raced in Moto2 this season but did not have such a successful season “Yeah, people are always going to have their opinions, whether it’s right or wrong."

- Dixon said, as quoted by motorsport “When is the right time? I think personally it’s obviously been a difficult season for me so far in Moto2, but things have changed I’ve started to come to form" " I think realistically if we were speaking Moto2 terms, I could have done a really good job and fought within the top five.

He looks very happy before his debut, and he certainly has high expectations from his first performance.

Top experience

It will certainly be a top experience that he will remember, and it will serve him well in the coming period in order to gain as much experience and develop his skills.

“But obviously if the opportunity comes around, you’re never going to turn down a MotoGP ride. I think it would be not a great thing, it wouldn’t look good. “So, I have a lot of motivation, I’ve rode big bikes before even though a MotoGP bike is a lot different to what I have ridden.

But I’m ready to experience some power again”. Although he is aware that he will not have an easy job, especially if we take into account that he has not had a test drive so far. Apparently, he is very excited but the expectations from this race are not high, so whatever the result is Dixon should be satisfied “Yeah, it’s obviously fantastic and obviously thanks to Petronas for giving me the opportunity to ride the MotoGP bike and to do it at Silverstone as well is special,” he said.

“I think if anyone could do their debut, they’d do it at home. “So, yeah, I can’t wait and it’s going to be great because we’re going to have a full crowd and Silverstone circuit seems to suit the Yamaha in the past.

I can’t wait, it’s going to be a massive learning curve but I’m ready to take it on and see what we can do. “I’ve had a few sleepless nights. It’s definitely excitement, but it’s also nervous times.

“I have no expectations, it’s obviously a massive learning curve and I can’t be expected to do anything”.