Mir: "We must win two or three races to get the championship"

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Mir: "We must win two or three races to get the championship"

Joan Mir will be competing for the title. The Spaniard has been on the podium 3 times so far. After being better than Quartaro in races in Austria, he is currently in second place and has revealed what it takes to win a title "I think that we must win two or three races to get the championship," Mir, who only one once in 2020 on his way to the title, said, as quoted by motorsport He will soon be racing where he is the favorite, and is aware that he could use just such chances "Now it's better races coming for us, more favourable and I think we will get the opportunity in some races.

"But the important thing again is to stay on the bike, like this race, to continue improving, the bike also and for sure to win races. "It will be the key, I think we will need to win a minimum two races to win the title.

I would be surprised if we didn't need it."

Wet bike

Mir explained his decision to pit his wet bike in the Austrian GP "Well, honestly inside my mind I was thinking to stay out because it was only three laps to go and I think that we could fight for the victory in that case, because Binder stayed out," Mir said.

"But on the other hand, I was there in the group and I saw that Fabio, Bagnaia, all my direct rivals were going in and then my choice was easy to do - just follow them and that's it. "But in some moment, what are we doing, because it's only three laps to go.

"But I think it was probably the same option to win if we stayed on track or if we stopped in the pits to change tyres in the moment. "Of course, if I'm in another position I would have decided to stay out, I think Binder did the right thing for sure.

"But I think that we have to think in some aspects also about the points and to do it correctly I think." Mir will now have a chance to show that he can win the title, but he is also aware that the task will not be easy at all.

It is necessary that the motivation is the same as before, but also that before the end of the season there is no mental fatigue or pressure that could prevent him from achieving the goal