Alex Lowes is unable to keep pace due to injury

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Alex Lowes is unable to keep pace due to injury

Lowes despite a good start to the season, did not continue in that rhythm. Lately, his results are not very good, and one of the reasons is the injury he has been carrying for a long time “In the first few laps I felt quite good, I was able to follow the front group,” said Lowes, reflecting on his final race of the weekend, as quoted by motorsport “Then obviously the second half was not quite as easy for me.

I have some restrictions in myself and I can't ride like I want." “This track was a physical track and not an easy one for Kawasaki, we saw how hard Johnny [Rea] was [having] to push. “This [weekend] has been tough but I started the year strong, and honestly then the last three rounds I've felt like I've had some restrictions.

Although he had painkillers that made him happy, he failed to achieve his goal ”This race today honestly I was so happy because I had some painkillers before the race which I don't normally have. For the first three or four laps, I could ride properly.

“It's the first time I touched my right elbow slightly [on the ground] and I was like 'ah, what happened?' because I was in the correct position. “And when this was happening, I was at the same pace as, let's say, normal pace.

And then I started to struggle. It was nice for me because it proves that 'okay, I have some restrictions, I have to accept that and work hard to work better'”.

Hard season

Despite believing in himself and expecting a fight for the top, he is aware that it will be difficult until the end of the season “I feel like I'm riding good enough to be on the podium but I'm not able to do it at the minute,” he said.

"It's not just because of the bike, but it's also clear the other bikes are improving a lot and we have to work hard. “But the guys [at Kawasaki] have won the championship a lot because they are quite good and we are going to keep improving.

“It's so tight now in World Superbike, like Chaz [Davies] has been on the podium this year and then in the next race he is in 15th place. He says that now the situation in Moto GP is not as it used to be “It never used to be like that in World Superbike.

If you had a bad weekend and you're one of the top guys, you'd be sixth or seventh. “But now it's not like that. You can be on a factory bike, riding well and finishing 11th. The championship is changing for the better, that's great.

But if you're not quite on the pace, it's easy to be between fifth and 12th and the battle is quite close. "So it's easy to be in that group and at the minute with the restrictions that I have, I have dropped into that group”.