Valentino Rossi decided to end his career!

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Valentino Rossi decided to end his career!

Legendary Moto GP rider Valentino Rossi has decided to end his career. After 26 years and many victories, Rossi decided it was time for the end, which was expected given the season he had. Rossi will be remembered as one of the greatest legends of this sport, and someone who is the first association when we mention Moto GP.

At the Styrian GP, he decided to announce his retirement. "Ciao to everybody, I feel a bit moved. Embarrassing here, I need a table minimum," he said, as quoted by motorsport "I said during the season I'd take my decision for next year after the summer break.

I decided to stop at the end of the season so unfortunately this will be the last season as a MotoGP rider. "It's difficult, it's a very sad moment because it's difficult to say and to know that next year I will not race with motorcycles.

I've done this for more or less 30 years so next year my life will change after some point of view. "But anyway, it was great, I enjoyed it very much, it's a long, long journey and it was really, really fun."

Famous athletes on his decision

Many athletes have spoken out after his decision, and one of them is Marc Marquez who felt sad after hearing it. “Yeah, yesterday my bet was another one,” Marquez said. “I thought he would continue one more year with his team.

“For me it’s like we lose something, we lose a part of MotoGP, maybe the biggest part of MotoGP because Valentino always bring a lot of people and he did many things and many good things inside of the track and also outside of the track.

“So, everybody knows our personal relationship is not the best one and everybody has his way, but I don’t have any problems and I can recognise that we are losing something big in MotoGP." “Lucky for MotoGP, still he will be involved in the world, but if we evaluate his career – his 25-year career, or maybe more – it’s something special, unique and [he’s] a legend."

“So, congrats to him for his career, and I wish him the best for the future”. And indeed, we must admit that the Moto GP will no longer be the same without one such legend. Marquez will be remembered for his phenomenal races, victories, and the charisma he has always possessed. Still, there are times for some new talent