Alvaro Bautista does not believe in the success of his team

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Alvaro Bautista does not believe in the success of his team

Things are not going very well for Honda this season. Although Bautista achieved a slightly better result this time, his team is still at the bottom of the manufacturers ’championship. Motorsport reporters wondered if Bautista thought his team could be among the top three again, to which he replied: “No, I think I will have to put many conditions together and I don't think we can find this condition because many riders are fighting for the podium.

" “If one day one rider makes mistakes, it's another rider [on the podium]. If not, another rider [and then] another rider. So it's more difficult to fight for the podium than last season for the simple [reason], because our performance is quite similar to last season but with more riders in between.

He is dissatisfied with the progress of his team, but he still does not want to give up on success “Right now with the rules we have in the championship, it's difficult to make a big step forward to fight for the podium, because all we can do is just make small things, just putting everything in the right place.

“[At] many times we want to try something that helps us to make a big step forward but maybe we [end up] making two steps back. “So it's very complicated, but we have two more races and we will work, we will never stop working, and I will give all my best to get the maximum”.


His contract with Honda expires this year, and he revealed plans for the future "My manager is speaking with HRC and we are negotiating,” he said. “Right now I am doing a lot of work with Honda and we are improving every time.

Right now I am just thinking about being as competitive as I can. Then for the future... I don't think too much." Many rumors have surfaced regarding his continued career at Ducatti. However, he denied such rumors “Yeah, I heard!

But I am not the first rider to have these comments [made about them]. It's normal at this stage of the season when some riders finish their contracts... it's nice to have this play”. When asked if he would like to race on Ducati Panigale V4 R he said: : ”I'm trying to have a winning bike”.

Bautista seems to be a bit disappointed with the current part of the season, but given his knowledge and motivation we believe he will not give up