Vinales has not yet made a decision about the future

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Vinales has not yet made a decision about the future

Vinales ’bad relationship with Yamaha culminated recently, and Vinales decided to terminate his contract with them. Most are interested in what Vinales' fate might look like and whether he has chosen a new team for next season.

“It is at a standstill,” Vinales said when asked about his 2022 situation, as quoted by motorsport “Now I want to enjoy my holidays because the first half of the season has been quite hard and I want to enjoy [with] my family.

Vinales has decided to rest and does not want to speed up the process, he is aware that it takes time to make the best decision, and that decision could change a lot. “I have nothing with anyone. I want to take it easy and we’ll see what happens in 2022”.

Aprilia is increasingly being brought into contact with him, but most feel that the team is not like Yamaha “With Aleix they are improving a lot and it is clear he is riding well. When I’ve been following him, I could not draw conclusions”.

The main reason Vinales left Yamaha is the feeling that he can’t give 100% of himself. Precisely such reasons most often lead to the termination of the contract and the decision on a new team "Well, it's clear that it wouldn't be the best thing to do, because you have to compete,” he said.

“The most important thing is to compete, but if I'm not at ease and I don't enjoy myself... what frustrates me the most is that I can't give my 100%, and if I can't give it I prefer to stay at home and enjoy life.


Vinales still has a huge motivation and desire to race and will probably be able to show everything he knows in the new team. It is only necessary to regain self-confidence “In the end, everything goes by very quickly and in this world we live in, 10 years fly by and you don't enjoy them.

“Right now, as we were working, I didn't enjoy anything on the circuits. “In this second part of the season I want to change that dynamic, enjoy and give the maximum. “For me nothing changes, I will give everything I have and if they make me try things, I will try them and I will give them the right information, I will be a professional as I should be”. We will eagerly follow the news regarding his future.