Despite poor results, Tito Rabat believes in himself

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Despite poor results, Tito Rabat believes in himself

Tito Rabat cannot be satisfied with the current part of the season. Rabat has so far achieved two top 10 results and one 9th place. Rabat expected to achieve much more in the WSBK, but unfortunately, he still fails to improve his form "At the beginning, we started with a lot of problems and the last two tracks have choked us, I still don't understand why," Rabat told the official World Superbike website.

"We did a test at Misano which was much better, and here at Donington Park, you can't draw good conclusions. You have to wait a little bit, be patient and try to get the most out of each weekend."
He believes that the only way to get out of this is the patience he needs at the moment, but also calmness.

He is aware that such things are quite normal in sports, and that he will have to wait if he wants to show what he can do. “It is clear that it has been a bad start to the season, very bad; it's no wonder the work I do at home is reflected here on the track, and there is no other option but to arm myself with patience and be calm.

"You get used to it over the years, if the results don't come, you find the motivation at home to get to the circuit motivated, you leave here trying not to leave unmotivated and continue.


Of course, self-confidence is necessary and he has to work on it as much as possible, because without it it is difficult to achieve anything "Above all, it is about having a lot of self-confidence because in the end it is the most important thing.

I know that I go fast, and I am 100 percent of my possibilities in everything, and little else”. Now he is waiting for the race in Assen, where he will try to get the best possible result. For now, it seems that he will do everything as before and that he believes that in the end his patience will pay off.

Rabat has not prepared any other tactics and believes that one should not give up “I am not planning anything for Assen," said the 32-year-old. "I hope to arrive strong, as I have arrived here, to work calmly as I have worked here, and to continue with this mentality whether it goes well or badly. "You have to try to put everything on the site. Keep trying whatever happens”.