Quartararo: “I ride different than last year, it’s not really natural"

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Quartararo: “I ride different than last year, it’s not really natural"

Quartaro is fantastic this season. Out of 9 races, he won 4 of them. He expects to continue with this form in which he is currently, and there are good chances for such a thing. He says that he is satisfied with his bike and that he has adapted by changing his riding style “I think that every rider needs to adapt to his bike,” Quartararo said in an exclusive interview with Motorsport.com.

“I ride different than last year, it’s not really natural, but it works well. “I can feel the limit, I feel I can go really fast and for the moment I think that it’s going great. “So, in 2019 it was the same and at the moment I feel like I’m super focused and concentrated on the bike.

So, it’s going quite well”.

Driving style

Motorsport journalists were interested in the way in which his driving style is not natural. “Normally I’m more of a rider to go super-fast in corner speed and right now I try to be a little bit more like an animal, braking super late, trying to ride a little bit on a different way.

“Like [there were] corners in Germany where I could go faster, but I was just thinking about the bike if I go faster is not turning, so I need to make a different way to think more about the exit and this. “In a few tracks it happens, so it’s not totally natural but you need to adapt.

However, he believes that it is necessary to know your bike and that this is the most important factor by which Quartararo achieves such good results. “So if you’re slower in one corner, in another you will be faster.

“So, it’s not natural and easy but when you understand the bike it’s going fast and you ride in an easy way and faster”. After that, he looked back at the previous part of the season and explained where it was the hardest.

However, he is satisfied with his form so far and it is certain that he will be even better in the second part “Yes, was really great season,” he said “Unfortunately we had trouble in Jerez and Barcelona for the arm, the leathers.

“But we have been fast in all circumstances and even when we struggled in Germany or in the wet at Le Mans, we have been able to fight for podiums. “Talking about the beginning of the season I’m really happy”.