Espargaro “feels like an idiot” because he fails to overtake

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Espargaro “feels like an idiot” because he fails to overtake

Espargaro finished Sunday’s race in eighth place and seems unhappy after all. He had certain problems that obviously prevented him from achieving his goal. The biggest problem, as he says, is the engine and hes does not have the ability to overtake individual drivers, which causes great frustration for him.

"I'm happy about my pace but I have a feeling of, I don't know, frustration inside," Espargaro said on Sunday, as quoted by motorsport "I feel like a – I don't know if it's nice to say – but I feel like an idiot because I feel like I'm strong and fast and ready to fight for the podium because I'm always there.

"But then in the race, I can't overtake. I have a big limitation with the engine, with the performance in the straights and I can't overtake. Espargaro has compared himself to some drivers which seems to be what he finds most difficult "Today I was much stronger than [Francesco] Bagnaia for example, or [Jack] Miller but I was stuck behind them.

"Especially with the Ducatis it's a big frustration. I put in my best lap at the end of the race where it was the only lap I was alone.


At certain moments, Espargaro had the pace he needed and with which he tried to overtake some drivers.

He tried to overtake Bagnai but ultimately failed in his plan "I did a 1m33.3s, which is a very fast lap time, very close to my qualifying lap. But then I arrived at Bagnaia and I can't overtake him. It's just frustrating.

However, Espargaro is not as pessimistic as he seems. He is satisfied with the situation in his team and expressed satisfaction with the results they have achieved this season. He is especially satisfied with the first part of the season, and now they are in 8th place and there is a chance for an even better placement.

He emphasizes that it is important to solve the engine problem if they want to be competitive with other teams later in the season. "I think we did a good job in the first part of this season, we are eighth in the championship with 61 points, which we have to enjoy this obviously because we are coming from a lot worse in the last years. "But we have to improve on the engine side because it's what we're missing the most."