Vinales: "When I come to races it started to be a nightmare"

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Vinales: "When I come to races it started to be a nightmare"

Maverick Vinales looks like he could leave Yamaha despite having a contract with them until 2022. Vinales is not satisfied with the bike performance and the problems he constantly faces. A motorsport reporter asked him if he thought he could profit from this just like Zarco when he left KTM in 2019.

"I think for sure the benefit… it's difficult to have a benefit from a situation like this." "I just get difficulties. Somehow, I started to feel that when I come to races it started to be a nightmare because I have for like three years the same comments.

"So, you can take the notes and it's exactly the same comments three years in a row. "So, I just want to take out the maximum [from myself], I just want to come to races to really race and give everything I have. "And right now it's difficult.

When I come to a race I just say 'what problem am I going to have in this race?' "This is a problem, so I just want to come here, give the maximum and see where we are.

Best decision

It seems that Vinales will listen to himself and his voice and that based on that he will make the best decision for him.

"As you said, Zarco did that [quit KTM] but I'm not following any rider. I will just follow my feelings. "For sure in Sachsenring I wanted to go home on Friday because it was a desperate weekend where I explained well everything but we were not able to improve.

"So, here, thank God I had grip, the track is good, the track adapted more or less to the bike." Vinales was surprised when he received an offer for a new contract "I think I have a really good relationship with Yamaha Japan," he added.

"I think they are great, with the president, the guys on all these things. "They put a lot of enthusiasm and courage [into me], so I was pretty… when they signed be again in 2020, I was pretty like 'what?', because I could not give my maximum, I tell the team that I'm not giving up and I don't know why I'm not able [to give my maximum].

"And they signed me again for two more years, and for the point where I am now I don't understand why."