Quartaro: "Maverick is one of the best riders of the championship"


Quartaro: "Maverick is one of the best riders of the championship"

Maverick Vinals has one of the worst seasons. He doesn't seem to be able to show what he can do and he seems to have lost motivation After the last place in Germany, Vinales is expecting a new race - the Dutch Grand Prix where he will try to make up for everything he lost.

Quartaro, who is currently in the first place, spoke out about Vinales "For me, Maverick is one of the best riders of the championship,” Quartararo said, as quoted by motorsport “When he is fast, he’s so difficult, almost impossible, for everyone to beat.

I remember the start of 2017 with Yamaha, he won the two first races, then Le Mans. “He’s just so fast, but sometimes a little bit inconsistent. But for me, he’s one of the fastest guys I’ve ever seen on a track”.

Quartararo added: “He had some tough times, also in Mugello, in Germany. It was a little bit strange, but for sure he will be there this weekend.


Quartaro believes that Vinales needs to change his perspective, and that he still doesn't know what the problem is “It’s one of his favourite tracks, but he just needs – for me – in the difficult moments try to save [the weekend], even if it’s for seventh position, or eighth or ninth or 10th.

“Because the bike was not able to win, I think, at Sachsenring, but it was not to make last. And I think in those moments… that was my problem last year. “I was unhappy to finish 12th, 14th and I crashed, I pushed the limit.

But in many races you have to fight for three, four points, five, even one. “I remember in 2013 I won the championship by one point in the Spanish championship. But the problem he has now, honestly I have no idea”.

Quartaro seems to believe that the mental part is one of the most important, and that Vinales needs to work on it. “I think the most important thing on a team is the mental side, because if even if you have the best bike of the championship, if someone has put in your head or you have put in your head that the bike is not working, you are not going [to go] fast,” he said when asked if Vinales could learn from him in respect of mental approach.

“And even if sometimes you don’t have the best bike but you just say ‘I’m going to win, I’m going to fight for something great’, you will do better. “It’s all about believing in yourself and try to go for it. It’s something that I learned from last year and I think it’s so important”.