Vinales after a desperate result in Germany: "With this bike it's impossible"

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Vinales after a desperate result in Germany: "With this bike it's impossible"

Most wonder why Maverick Vinales is in such bad shape and why he is recording such poor results. He finished last at the German Grand Prix, which is a really surprising result Vinales does not seem to know the reason for his poor form "I have the same question as you, so I cannot answer," Vinales replied when asked by Autosport to explain his woes, "Nobody has answered to me, so I cannot answer."

"I take like 15 laps behind [Luca] Marini and [Enea] Bastianini. "I could not pass them, it was impossible with this bike. So, I prepared really well the downhill, they have more power, can brake later. The biggest problem for Vinales seems to be his bike which is not good enough and with which he cannot achieve what he wants "So, with this bike it's impossible.

When I arrived to Franco [Morbidelli] I could overtake quite good, just in the first try I overtake. "But on another Yamaha it's much easier, but with the Ducatis it's so hard. "So, basically when I spent 10 laps there I see maybe my position was 13th, I said 'OK, I drop back, get fresh air and try to get some data and see how the bike is working alone'

"I could make 1m22s low at the end of the race, which was not bad, while behind them I was doing 1m23.5s. "So, it was a bit different, but overall I don't know.

Vinales does not want to give up

He still doesn’t want to give up and thinks he has time to be this old man again.

Everyone knows that Vinales can do much better and that it only takes one step to get back to the form he used to be, which is also his goal. "Nobody has the answers of what is going on here, so I need to keep working, we have Assen that even with Moto2 bike I can be fast.

"So, I will try to do the maximum." Vinales will not change his approach at Assen and that his main task will be collecting data "I don't know what is going to happen, it's very difficult to say," he said.

"For Assen, I will do the same as I'm doing here: work, try to collect data. "Right now my job is to collect data. It's sad, but it's like this, so I cannot do much more. I'm sorry."