KTM denied rumors of Fernandez's arrival at MotoGP

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KTM denied rumors of Fernandez's arrival at MotoGP

There have been many rumors these days that Moto2 rookie Raul Fernandez could be a member of Moto GP. KTM motorsport boss Pit Bierer has denied such rumors “At the moment there is not even that much movement because the last time I spoke to Raul, a couple of weeks ago, he actually said he wanted to stay one more year in Moto2,” Beirer said, as quoted by motorsport “This gives us now also the time to stay a little bit calm because we decided for Remy because we believe in him and since we told he’s stepping up he’s been even stronger and that’s so nice to see, that this gave him a little confidence boost."

“But also we have two really good guys there in Tech 3 with Iker [Lecuona] and Danilo [Petrucci]. “We like both of them and we think still that the job is not done, so we need to get now Miguel and Brad better, but there is now also a big target on our side to get Iker and Danilo better.

They seem to want to take time to make decisions “So at least there is a chance for all of them to stay in the team and just keep Raul in Moto2, also Pedro Acosta still maybe in Moto3. “So, we want to take our time to take this decision, so you will not get any confirmations or news from KTM in the next couple of weeks”.

Pedro Acosta is also one of the potential riders that could be racing in Moto 2. Berier thinks it's still too early for that “We’ve got to say ‘you are 16 years old, take your time’,” Beirer said.

“You don’t need to jump quickly through the classes because if you look to other great guys in this paddock, they all had a minimum of two years in Moto3, two years in Moto2 and then jumped onto a MotoGP bike and they still had a long career because you have seen a lot of MotoGP riders even older than 30 – 31, 33, still can be good MotoGP years.

“So, if you are not even 20, you still have a lot of time to spend 10 years in MotoGP.


He believes that young drivers need time to develop and they should not rush “So that’s why we say stay calm, let the guys develop and understand more.

“We could see exactly when people were saying Pedro must move up to Moto2, he got two or three difficult races. “It’s normal, he will learn so quick. But in the end we also want to listen to the rider “We don’t want to push through the classes, we want to feel with them and their parents what they think.

However, they also want to respect Acosta's opinion “The basis for this conversation would be from his [Acosta’s] side. “If he says, ‘I absolutely want to move to Moto2’, we would maybe listen and make it happen.

“If he wants another year in Moto3, we’ll also listen. “But also these young guys develop so quick during a season we want to give ourselves time to make these decisions, not in April and May when people are asking for it because a 16-year-old boy can still develop a lot from May to November”.