Rea: "Honestly one moment in my brain I thought the race was over"

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Rea: "Honestly one moment in my brain I thought the race was over"

Jonathan Rea did not have such a great weekend this time. It was obvious that something was missing and that he could not establish his rhythm. However, he explained what the main problem was and that such things simply had to be accepted “I have to accept this weekend,” said Rea, as quoted by motorsport “I spent FP1 with no rear brakes, and FP2, and then you are less aggressive with strategy.

“All in all damage limitation for the championship. I didn’t throw away points, I finished where I was gonna finish and I got very lucky on Saturday, so happy with that. Rinaldi, however, was too much for him “One stage I felt like Rinaldi was under my feet a little bit but how he accelerates on Turn 6, carries the speed through Curvone [left me with no answer].

“He was making some mistakes in the last corner, I felt like maybe I can set him up at Turn 1. But as soon as he hooks a gear the bike just goes. [I had] nothing for him today, not even to fight but I was there [or] thereabouts, fighting like hell.

“I feel like when I watch them guys riding they are making small mistakes but still keeping the laptime. I feel like as soon as I make a small mistake I get penalised. I can’t just stop the bike”.

Changing direction

He explained what his bike was missing “I think the biggest thing we missed on Saturday was the bike was very heavy to change direction, so I was fighting a lot from [Turns] 1 to 2 to 3, 4 and 5.

I just wasn’t fluid. “If I was aggressive to the bike, the bike was moving too much - too much transfer and then I lost on acceleration. That little bit of edge grip. “But the bike has a lot of grip when we pick it up on the shoulder of the rear.

So just working on edge grip, agility but Donington can be very flowing, I can be one with the bike”. Rea was nearly thrown off his Kawasaki, but in the end he was very lucky “I’d like to say I was learning from Marc Marquez, but it was complete luck,” Rea quipped.

“I used a different front tyre to the one I worked with a lot this weekend. Just staying so long in Michael’s slipstream, I think I cooked the tyre, it’s so hot [in Misano]. At one point he thought the race was over for him “I peeled into Turn 1 and just caught some bumps and the front just started to go away and I really dug in my knee and also dug in my handlebar to try to snap it back and it came back.

“Honestly one moment in my brain I thought the race was over, but when it came back I got on the brakes so hard that I didn’t go in the gravel and [could] rejoin the race.“