Ruben Rinaldi silenced the critics with his great form

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Ruben Rinaldi silenced the critics with his great form

Although most were skeptical about Rinaldi after signing for Ducati in 2021, he proved they were wrong after all. He has been achieving great results lately and is pleased with his successes this season “I had the pace," he said, as quoted by motorsport "I think I could go a little bit faster but fortunately Jonny [Rea] made a mistake and I gained four seconds.

I tried to do a good pace, not to push too much but good pace to maintain the gap. “Really happy because it was my home race and we had a difficult start to the season. Already people [had] started talking, bashing me on social media, or media as well.

But I told myself ‘people criticise [Marc] Marquez, who am I to not have any critics?’ “So I just tried to keep my focus. I knew I could make a good race here. So really happy. I need to capitalise on this situation”.


Rinaldi also described what his fight against Razgatlioglu looked like “I gave my 100 percent today but the difference was the track conditions, it was hotter. So different track [conditions] means different feeling with the bike,” he explained.

“I tried to do the same strategy [as Race 1], go in front and push but I saw the pitboard, somebody was there and catching me and I was already pushing my 100 percent. Toprak passed me [and] he [just] went away. “I tried to keep 20 percent [in hand] to catch him again and pass him but I almost crashed twice in the last four laps.

Yet in the end he finished second because he didn’t want to take any risks in this race. Still, he is aware that his opponent was better Given the pressures he had, Rinaldi really showed how much he can and that there will be a lot of success in his career.

“I saw I couldn’t catch him so I told myself second is better than crashing. I was quite upset because I needed that win, I was so close. But they were just better than us today, they were really good. "After a win yesterday and today we didn’t take the risk to change anything on the bike, that gives you the same bike but maybe you don’t improve too much and maybe with more temperature on the asphalt we struggled a little bit [and] that makes you finish second rather than first”.