Loris Baz continues his career at MotoAmerica

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Loris Baz continues his career at MotoAmerica

Loris Baz decided to continue his career in America after driving for Yamaha in WBSK. He is currently a member of the Ducati squad HSBK Racing and Garrett Gerloff has spoken out about it “It’s nice to see [Baz] have the opportunity go there,” said Gerloff, as quoted by motorsport “He can see the level there is high, and it’s nice for that championship to have new names and new competition.

Gerloff believes that for Baz it will be unusual at first given the different track, but given that he is a professional biker he will have no problem getting used to it Many people think this is a step down for him, but Moto America has a lot of good riders which Gerloff himself confirmed “For him maybe the tracks are quite a bit different, because I rode those tracks my whole life and they are not like these, so maybe he has to adjust to that.

I know the Yamaha team there is really good and I know Jake [Gagne] has been riding very well. “There are a lot of people that overlook the American championship, but I think there are a lot of really strong riders, and with Loris going there it shows that the level is high”.

American fans

Gerloff also explained the importance of custom electronics and how much such a thing actually means, and that Moto America is becoming more and more popular. “I had to deal with [Magneti] Marelli electronics for two years before coming [to WSBK], which was perfect as it meant nothing was a surprise when I came here,” he explained.

"It’s nice to see how many fans are there this year, now things are opening up [following the COVID-19 pandemic]. I think the championship is only going to get stronger." Cameron Beaubier who is one of the most dominant riders in Moto America has decided to leave America and try to build a career in Moto2.

Gerloff and Beaubier were colleagues and Gerloff looked quite surprised by Beaubier's decision “I didn’t know he was looking to leave America,” said Gerloff of Beaubier. “When I saw the news, I was a bit surprised that he wasn’t staying in the Superbike world.

But I also know there are limited spaces here. “I was happy he’s got the opportunity on the world stage. He’s a strong rider and I am sure he’ll show his speed”.