Zarco wants to end the season without pressure

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Zarco wants to end the season without pressure

Johann Zarco is driving fantastically this season, but it is obvious that he needs to go one step further, ie to win first place. During the 2021 season, Zarco found himself on the podium 4 times, each time as a runner-up.

Although Zarco is in the lead by 14 points, he does not want to put too much pressure on himself and the most important thing for him is to feel comfortable driving a Ducati. "For me [it] will be nice to win but clearly second place, 20 points is always amazing for me," he said, as quoted by motorsport "So, I'm not too worried for the victory and don't put too much pressure on myself because I believe it can come when everything will be even better in control.

"But I'm still growing up on the bike and this is a nice feeling. "I feel the Ducati has huge potential, I'm trying to do my best to use it every time better and better, and when all the situations are under good control maybe I will have the victory."

Joan Mir strategy

Last year, Joan Mir tried to win the title in the same way, which he succeeded in doing.

Motorsport reporters wondered if Zarco was trying the same "Joan Mir from last year is a great example for this kind of strategy, but this is not the strategy we have at the beginning of the weekend. "We've really tried to do our best to be able to win, but I still see that something is missing.

"Like here, say maybe half a lap more or one lap more I could win, but 24 laps were enough for all of us. He thinks that the big problem is that he lacked speed at the begining of the season, but it seems that they put the biggest focus on Fabio.

"Just I had to be a bit faster at the beginning, which I didn't do. So, if this can give me the advantage at the end of the year I will be the first one happy. "But clearly we have to be careful with Fabio, he was so fast this weekend and without this problem I think he was maybe waiting behind Miguel to attack him but he got the problem.

"So, we got the advantage. So, the most important thing is to get points on him more than the victory at the moment."