Miller: "Definitely feeling back in the groove"

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Miller: "Definitely feeling back in the groove"

Yamaha rider Quartararo made a mistake in the MotoGP Catalan Grand Prix after he braked and was forced to go into the chicane. Miller, who drives for Ducati, tried to overtake Quartararo but eventually gave up “I was able to manage the front tyre to the end.

I had a couple of lunges on Fabio, but I’d seen already Johann past him, he [Quartararo] went through the chicane and we all know the rules,” Miller said after moving up to third in the standings, as quoted by motorsport “If you cut the chicane… I know from myself, even though I braked stupidly late I still made the chicane, because if not it costs you, you’ve got to drop a second or you get the long lap penalty.

“And when I saw him go through the chicane and just go like that [open the throttle] and pulled back in front of me, I thought ‘oh, that’s a bit cheeky’ but it’ll be alright. Yet in the end he finished in third place “So, then I had a couple of lunges at him because nobody wants to get a podium like this, but on the last lap I was just working the front too much and I thought I’ll just be as close as I can behind him and we’ll see over the line.

“When I came round I saw the tower and I saw I was in third. Good day for us, we’ve moved up one spot in the championship”.


Miller seems to have self-confidence and feels comfortable after good results “Definitely feeling back in the groove, back where I was at the end of last year,” he added.

“Just each week I’m able to put in my work through the practices and be there on Sunday, there or thereabouts let’s say. “For sure the two victories helped me claw back in a lot of points real quick, but we’re back in the rhythm, I feel very comfortable on the bike."

The GP21 is what he needs and it is very important that the bike suits him for now. Still, he feels nervous before the race in Germany “I feel that with Ducati, with this GP21, we have a fantastic motorcycle underneath us and it’s only getting better week by week.

“We’ll find out next week when we get to Germany, I’m a little nervous for there, it’s quite tight, but I really enjoy the track. “Assen for me is going to be a big question mark, but we’ve also got our tracks coming up like Austria where we can do a good job. “So, I’m just here for the long haul hopefully”.