Marquez: "I was Marc. And for me it was the best seven laps of the year"

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Marquez: "I was Marc. And for me it was the best seven laps of the year"

New races, old Marc Marquez. Marquez crashed for the third time in a row when he slid off at Turn 10. Still, Marquez didn’t look at all worried and decided to take the risk with great speed in the race "Yeah, today I enjoyed it, I was pushing,” Marquez said when asked by to explain his crash.

“I was Marc. And for me it was the best seven laps of the year. “So, I was riding like I wanted and I was on the grid and I said ‘ok, today it’s time to take a risk’. “I mean, it doesn’t matter where we are, it doesn’t matter where I come from, I don’t care what the people can say.

“I believed that today was the day to take a risk because for me to just burn fuel and burn tyres riding for P12, P14 has no meaning.

Taking risk

He is aware that he has taken more risks than he should, but it seems that this is a style he does not want to change.

“So, it’s just what I did. I pushed in the beginning, as you saw. I did overtakes, I enjoyed it, and then as soon as everybody was on his pace we were not on the correct place. “But I know that it was three, four laps critical there, which is when the others were riding in 1m40s low, which was not my pace.

“I said ‘ok, if I keep these three laps, I will be able to keep with them all the race’. “But on those three laps I take too much risk and what happened was easy. I was behind Aleix [Espargaro], I was losing a lot in T2 in acceleration, off Turn 3, Turn 4, then I lose a bit at Turn 5, and then I lose a bit of acceleration at Turn 9”.

He didn’t feel happy about the results, but he was happy about the way he drove “Then I tried to recover on the brakes [at Turn 10]. I didn’t make a massive brake point, because [Maverick] Vinales was behind me and he braked even later than me, but he was able to stop and I was not able to stop.

“I locked the front and I crashed. But, of course I’m not happy about the result, but I’m happy about the way I did those seven laps. “I prefer to do a good seven laps than just finish the race and stay on the bike”.