Vinales: "It’s important to look ahead to the future"

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Vinales: "It’s important to look ahead to the future"

Vinales will now try to revive his form with the new crew chief Galbusera. He believes that he fulfilled his goal on Friday and that there are still some shortcomings that need to be solved. “Well, actually we tried different balances on the bike,” Vinales said when asked what it was like working with Galbusera, as quoted by motorsport “Basically, the objective was to find front feeling and we accomplished today, so I’m quite happy about that.

Vinales says he has tried many bikes and is happy for what they have done. However, Vinales looks optimistic and believes that he will reach the goal at the end of the season, and maybe Galbusera will be the reason for that.

“But anyway, we have other problems. It’s the way: we solve one problem at a time, and today we tried many different bikes during FP1 and FP2. “It’s something that I’m not used to doing, but it’s not bad.

“I’m quite happy because we found very positive things. “For sure a few negative, but we can work on that tomorrow and see if we can make an improvement. “It’s important to look ahead to the future, so we are trying to work hard”.


It looks like their relationship will develop step by step. Vinales doesn't want to stare and thinks it takes time to understand each other and start achieving goals together. Vinales has great respect for Galbusera and is aware that he is the one who can help him and who with his knowledge and experience can be one of the most important figures for him.

“We need to match step by step,” he added. “If we go too fast it’s not good. We need to go slowly, building confidence and I felt good. “I worked already a little bit with Silvano in the test in Qatar and I think he’s a smart guy, has a lot of experience, also with Vale, who has been on a high level in the last years.

He is convinced that Galbusera can help him and that his team will succeed in what they set out to do. Indeed, Vinales is a great driver and it would be a shame if he failed in what he envisioned. Now he has a great chance of success and we believe he will use it “And he can help me with a few things and for sure every rider is different, but he will understand because today honestly I’ve been quite calm during the day. “I understand our job. It feels very nice, honestly”.