Vinales decided to change the crew chief

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Vinales decided to change the crew chief

Vinales made the decision to part with Garcia who has been the crew chief since 2019. Vinales will continue his cooperation with Galbusera “I spoke with Esteban about this because first of all he is my friend,” Vinales said on Thursday at Barcelona, as quoted by motorsport “We have a very good relationship, I went many times to his house and I know his wife, his daughter, I know them very well.

“For sure our relationship will continue, even if he is not my crew chief because he is more than just a crew chief. It was not at all easy for Vinales to make such a decision, but it seems to be the best option for both of them at the moment.

“He’s one of my friends and that change for me also hurts. “But in another hand I understand very well that we need to take out the maximum, we have our teammate who is winning and we are doing top 10. “So, for sure sometimes we show a very high potential and what Yamaha is trying to do is to bring me to that potential.

“It is what we need to do, basically we need to right now focus, find a good balance on the bike because it was a little bit hard the last three races. “And continue working because we know we can do it. “Somehow for me it was pretty unexpected and quick, but Yamaha wants me to give the maximum”.


Vinales is not so good this season, and when asked by motorsport reporters if he will no longer have excuses for bad results, he answered “I never had excuses, honestly. I just have facts and the fact is when the bike is working and I can take out the maximum I’m able to win the race.

“So, this is the fact. We have our teammate that is winning every race and we are doing top 10, so something is not working, and I start in Mugello for example in FP1 quick, normal, I felt good. “And then step by step I felt worse and worse.

So, the only thing what I can say is Yamaha had a quick reaction, I didn’t expect that for me and I trust a lot the team. Vinales has tremendous confidence in Yamaha “So, I will trust that change and I will trust the way because in the end the level is clear, the bike is fantastic and we cannot lose that opportunity because it’s not every year you have that fantastic bike.

“I think Yamaha was working really hard and they invest a lot of me. So, basically I trust in Yamaha, I will work strong as always and work hard”.