Brad Binder has signed a new 4-year contract with KTM

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Brad Binder has signed a new 4-year contract with KTM

Brad Binder is a longtime member of KTM where he spent some of the most beautiful days. He initially went through the Red Bull rookies cup, and in 2016 decided to join the Ajo Motorsport Squad. Binder has decided to extend his contract with his team until 2024, which is certainly good news for both KTM and Binder.

He was delighted and happy, primarily because there was always cohesion in the team and because Binder felt like a family member at KTM. He is aware of the support provided by KTM and is grateful to them for that “I’m super, super happy to have signed again for three more seasons with KTM and it will take us up to ten years,” Binder said, as quoted by motorsport “It’s incredible to have been with this manufacturer for such a long time now and we’ve always had a good relationship.

“I’m extremely happy in KTM colours so it’s extra satisfying to have a long contract signed-up. “It’s cool to have that belief and support from a company. He is aware that he can provide a lot to the team and he hopes that he will achieve the goals they have set “It’s an honour.

From here on we can focus on building ourselves towards the front. “We are not terribly far away, and it would be really nice to do something great together. “It’s exciting to see what these next years will bring”.

Beirer is satisfied

KTM motorsport boss Pit Beirer is also happy for a member of his team, for whom he had only words of praise. Beirer emphasized that Binder is a great enthusiast and that his mentality fits perfectly with the ideas that KTM has.

Now they have to continue what they started and to realize the plans they set, and with Beirer they certainly have a good chance of success. “This was a very easy contract for us to do because we love Brad as a racer and what he brings to the team, the factory and the MotoGP class.

“He was also very enthusiastic to make a big commitment to us and that says a lot for our progression and our potential in this championship. “Sometimes you find a racer and a mentality that really fits with your own philosophy and the fact that Brad has come all the way to the top with us in a ten year period is a very special story. “We’re really proud to continue racing with him and to keep setting new targets together”.