Moto GP riders are frustrated by the new rule

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Moto GP riders are frustrated by the new rule
Moto GP riders are frustrated by the new rule (Provided by Sport World News)

The new rules introduced in Moto GP have just come into play. The yellow flag was raised and the time for some drivers was canceled. That's why Lowes dropped to 10th place, and although he was a proponent of the new rules, he believes he was not guilty “I actually didn’t think [my laptime] was going to be cancelled because there was not a crash, there was no immediate danger on the side of the track,” said the 30-year-old, as quoted by motorsport “Tito was a long way from being in trouble.

He just rolled off the track himself after he had done his lap, just rolled off - didn’t even try and make the corner if you watch. “There was no reason for the yellow flag, that makes it frustrating, but the rule is the rule.

Obviously if somebody crashed at the corner and is in danger, it’s a different situation." "The rule is correct in terms of if somebody’s down and there’s marshals in the gravel trap, you do and you must respect the corner and slow down.

He believes that it is not fair for them to react in such a way and ruin the race for many “In today’s situation it wasn’t a [justified[ yellow flag anyway, so then to lose the lap [was frustrating]. Nothing happened, Tito ran off the track.

"You can’t put a yellow flag out and ruin everybody’s qualifying because Tito runs off the track." "Otherwise next race I’ll just go first on my qualifying tyre and just run in the gravel at Turn 1, take my time to turn around and you are on pole position.

This is not the reason why the rule is the rule”.

Davies about rules

Davies also believes these rules need to change “We spoke about it last week in Aragon,” he explained. “They said these are the rules for this year.

One of the biggest changes is that if you pass a yellow flag on any lap, it’s cancelled. “So everybody’s instant response was like, ‘yeah, okay but what about if it happens in qualifying with the Q [super-soft compound] tyre?’ Then obviously what if somebody does a good lap and runs off on purpose and throws a yellow flag out if they go first.

“I’m not saying at any second that’s what happened, but it’s a real possibility. Whether it was intentional or not today, that’s what exactly happened and we are at only the second race. It is necessary to react as quickly as possible because, as he says, it is good that this kind of thing happened in the beginning, considering that a big mistake was made.

“We need to come up with something better to cater for qualifying tyre because we are the only championship that is running the Qs at the minute. "It is something they want to keep. But something's got to give somewhere.

You can’t just ruin someone’s weekend like that unfairly. I’ve been super-penalised by this regulation and it has upset my whole weekend. “It’s a good thing it has happened so early in this season because now the powers that be can change these things, they have an obvious example in front of them. Something’s gotta happen."