Vinales: "We will try to be as fast as we can"

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Vinales: "We will try to be as fast as we can"

Maverick Vinales wants to continue his good run, and his goal is to come away with a win at Mugello. An additional motive will be the fact that he became a father this week, for the first time “Well, I think it’s a weekend where I approach it very differently than the rest of the weekends of my life,” Vinales said, as quoted my motorsport “So, basically my motivation is very, very high and somehow I feel it can be a super weekend because I love the track.

“I know the bike has a very big potential, the first laps in Le Mans [before the rain] I felt very strong and I felt I could make something special in that race. “So, basically I just carry on that momentum and I think we are on that level where we can do really nice things.

“Basically, for sure the long straight will be something we will have to pay attention to, but we won in Qatar both Yamaha riders. So, we need to believe in that”.


Motorsport reporters said the fact Mugello’s final corner isn’t a low-gear acceleration zone and whether he thinks it will help his bike “Exactly.

I think that fact will be really good because somehow in Le Mans I felt that our bike had such strong acceleration." “So, it will not be easy because we know they are very strong. “But somehow we can make it good.

So, we will try to be as fast as we can through the chicanes and the last corner to see if we can deal with them [Ducatis] at least until the finish line”. Fabio Quartararo is aware that he has many corners on the track, but that his team will be focused and try to be better than others “I’m expecting a great race honestly,” he said.

“When we were in Qatar I was thinking a little bit the same because Ducati also won the last two races [there] and actually we are feeling good on the bike and I feel like… Ok, we know the straight is not a strong point for us, but there are many corners here.

“Many fast corners, it’s where I feel really good and I think we just need to start the weekend like a normal weekend, not thinking about the last three wins of Ducati or that we have a big straight here – just go for it, make our pace and then on Sunday we will see. “But the most important thing is we have a very good feeling on the bike”.