Tom Sykes is happy with the new BMW

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Tom Sykes is happy with the new BMW

After BMW replaced the old model with the new bike, they started to record great results. Tom Sykes is pre-satisfied with the start of the season and his colleague’s races. This could really be one of the better seasons for him “Overall the pace was there, I have to look at the positives,” said Sykes, as quoted by motorsport “On intermediate tyres we were really close to a strong manufacturer in Kawasaki."

“The time where I was from last year to the winner to where we are as a team this year to the winner, it’s a completely different showing. So credit to those boys. Sykes has noticed how many positive things there are with the new bike and wants to improve the impression this season and achieve much better results “This is the first weekend for the new M1000RR and there are some positives to be taken: front row start, Michael fifth in the sprint race, me fourth in this race, more speed from the engine - I think everybody saw that."

"Lots of good positives. My focus now is to build on those. “Aragon was a big challenge for us last year. Estoril was a royal pain in the arse last year so I’d really want to go to Estoril and try to maintain this momentum and just really turn around our mixed fortunes”.


Although praise is coming for a new bike, some things need to change, and Sykes believes they need to work on some details. The team will definitely work on these things and we could watch BMW in the new edition “Still for me on this bike I would like to extract a little bit more rear performance,” explained Sykes.

“Not going into too much detail, it’s clear to see that even [on Saturday] in the dry race I was not able to take the maximum from a brand new race tyre. The guys at the front are able to abuse the slick tyres.

“There is a little bit less grip available with this intermediate so it just looks like we are a little bit closer. When you go for example in an extreme environment with a qualifying tyre, that covers a lot of our issues and puts us really close to the competition.

“My focus is the dry. We are just not able to extract the pace on the first five laps like the competition, but this is something which now we understand very well and we are going to work on."